Our process is the same as yours…

Depending on where you are at in your business, we will walk you through a process to discover, develop and deliver your story in this crowded digital world.


Discover your brand – your story. Find out who you are, what you do best, how others perceive you and your image. Really hammer down who your target audience is and what you do to help them. Then discover your programs, your products, and your platform(s) and what we can do to improve them.


Development begins. Now that we have discovered who you are and what you need to elevate your brand to a higher level, we begin to strategize and process. This may include creative design, technology setup, system implementation, reorganization and so on.


Delivery to not just you, but your audience as well. Your new brand goes live; your online presence is now refreshed and in place and we begin to work with you to execute the marketing strategy and other strategies that we developed for/with you.

In summary…

. . . we want to know your story – your voice, your brand – so that we can develop the perfect online presence that creates an amazing first impression. Then we will work with you to deliver your voice so that you can increase your fees and/or engage more clients.

“I didn’t know how to brand myself, how to package myself…

. . . and how to put it all online so that I was represented the way I wanted to be represented. And I’ll tell you what: as soon as I got a hold of Kevin, Chris and Garry, that’s when it all came into focus for me. It was crystal clear. And, without your help, I think I would still be going through that process. You guys are full service and that’s what I needed. That’s what a lot of people need.

I feel like I was propelled so far once I got a hold of you guys.”

– Kelley Day, Professional Writer, Reporter & Celebrity News Anchor

 The specifics…


  • Initial Consultation
  • 360 View, Brand Discovery Sessions
  • Gather & Evaluate Client Assets


  • Brand Design Strategy
  • Design/Redesign Brand Assets
  • Review/Revise
  • Design/Redesign Website
  • Review/Test/Revise
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Asset monetization strategy
  • eCourse Setup


  • Launch
  • Execute Strategies
  • Analyze Data & Analytics
  • Refine/Optimize/Improve

Let’s get started!

You’ve seen us. You’ve seen some of our clients. And now you’ve seen our process. We hope that now you’re ready to connect with us and receive your free consultation. It would be our pleasure to serve you!