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Brand Concept & Design. Modern Web Development. SEO. Social Media. PR. Photography & Video. Email Marketing. Content Monetization.

If you are like most people we chat with, you probably have multiple vendors providing some or all of these services. Or, you may even be doing them yourself.

We totally understand and are here to help. We take the headaches out of your new media strategies by providing a single source to manage your brand.


What is your brand?

Your brand is you and the collective perceptions, beliefs and behaviors of those with whom you interact. Your brand communicates your values, your passions, and your expertise. We are passionate about elevating your Online Presence so that you can take your business to the next level.

Why is your brand important?

Your brand tells your story. When your clients interact with you, whether in person or online, they want to know that you are relevant, provide value and will improve the quality of their lives and wellbeing. Making sure your digital platform tells your authentic story is paramount to building trust and earning more business. We help you elevate your brand so you can take your business to the next level.

How do you elevate your brand?

We partner with you to discover, develop and deliver a Brand Engagement Strategy by combining modern web technology and creative trends to showcase your brand and help you engage your tribe. From your client’s first experience through their ongoing interaction with your digital platform, your authentic voice will be consistently heard.

Our process


It’s about being engaged

Relationship is the currency of engaging brands. Providing consistency and value is key to building your audience. We make sure your  brand is delivered consistently throughout your entire digital platform. We help you choose which social media platforms match your Brand and Content Strategy and then help provide the tools to automate this process so that you can stay in your lane remaining the Thought Leader in your arena.

Discover how

Responsive Web Design

It’s about that first impression

Now more than ever, your client’s first and often most frequent interactions with you are in your virtual reality. Whether they are finding you through organic searches or being referred by others, your online presence tells your story – and helps them make their buying decision. We deliver your voice through compelling mobile-responsive websites and synchronized social media platforms to connect you with more clients.

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What have you done with your brand lately?

Consider two different pens: one a Cross brand, the other a Monte Blanc brand. They both provide quality and solve the same problems. Which one has provides the best first impression and creates the most brand engagement? We believe most entrepreneurs and subject matter experts have brands like that of a Cross pen. We aim to give our clients a Monte Blanc experience. What have you done for your brand lately? Give us a call and let’s connect.

“After many years of speaking and consulting…

. . . on a smaller scale, I recognized a market opportunity to raise my brand presence in the philanthropic community.  I saw where I could go, and 360 Narrative Group showed me how to get there. They took the time to understand my value and how to communicate that value to higher level audiences. A rebranding – which included a new tagline, website and video – is helping me connect with major players in the nonprofit and social entrepreneurship sectors. The result is that my network and influence is expanding to a national scale.

360 Narrative Group was vital to this success.”

– Michael Brand, MNO, Nonprofit Sector Expert

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