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Your website is often your first impression. The reaction your visitor has will likely determine whether or not they will connect with you. As a speaker, you want any Meeting Planners who may be browsing your site to have a great experience so that, of course, they will contact you!

We are different than other web development companies because we understand speakers, and we only build speaker websites. All of our sites are minimal and modern, and our sole focus is to increase the chances of you getting hired. Our one and only agenda is to serve you.

Meet Our Team

Chris McCarthy, Creative Director

Chris has been an artist since he was a child, drawing 3D objects when the rest of the class was drawing stick figures. He began using Photoshop at age 10, when he received his first desktop computer. By age 14, he had taught himself basic HTML code and was building websites as a hobby. Today, Chris is a gifted artist, graphic designer, web developer, and communicator. Combining his studies of art & speech communications at Oregon State University with his advanced computer technology experience, Chris brings relevance and creativity to every client project to ensure the client’s expectations are exceeded.

Kevin McCarthy, Consultant & Mentor

Kevin has been an entrepreneur since he was 12 years old. At 26 he founded what became the 13th largest Century 21 real estate franchise in the USA. Five years later in 1994 he began his professional speaking career as an Internet marketing and technology expert to the real estate industry. Today, Kevin continues his career in professional speaking and works with 360 Narrative Group part-time as a speaking consultant and business mentor.

Ryan Herman, Lead Developer

Ryan has always been fascinated with technology. As a child if it wasn’t tinkering with stop motion animation, it was dissecting PC’s with his friends. Ryan seems to have never lost that passion, and it comes out in the work he does as a Developer. Ryan strives everyday to enhance his tool set by staying up to date with the latest trends and standards in the world of Development. As well, with over 10 years of experience in the Banking industry he brings his vast customer service skills and knowledge with him to the team.

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